Experience You Can Trust.

Solutions as Unique as You Are.

We bring unsurpassed levels of experience, innovation, and understanding to assist you in overcoming your most challenging financial obstacles.

Big Picture Oriented

We pay close attention to your specific details without losing focus on the important big picture.  We simply don’t lose sight of “the forest for the trees.” How do we do it? We have at least two “sets of eyes” look at each output.  The first, to locate each of the “trees” and the second to make sure we haven’t left the “forest.” In addition, we customize all of our solutions to your unique individual circumstances.  We always strive to deliver the most value possible to you, our client.


“Details create the big picture” – Sanford I. Weill


We only hire experienced tax and accounting professionals.  All of our team members have ten or more years of experience serving clients in professional service firms.  Our team members have either advanced degrees or certifications.  You will never interact with one of our staff members who is still learning “the business.” We believe your work is too important to assign it to a beginner.


“An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it.” – Dee Hock


We offer proprietary services not available anywhere else and are always on the watch for new ways to assist our clients.  Old traditional firms haven’t even contemplated many of our service offerings.  We use financial dashboards, scorecards, and Key Performance Indicators to enable small business owners to better understand their crucial accounting metrics.  We have a proprietary tool, Profit Max, developed specifically to keep our clients focused on attaining success on their terms.


The Advantage Group also pairs traditional tax planning with our Tax Minimization Analysis that results in a road map for past and future tax savings for both individuals and businesses.


“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship.” – Peter Drucker